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The LORD Our Righteousness

person Brian Najapfour
calendar_today 07/11/2022
menu_book Jeremiah

The Church in the Crucible

person Mark Zylstra
calendar_today 12/27/2021
menu_book Jeremiah

Jehovah’s Boundless Love

person Don Overbeek
calendar_today 12/30/2018
menu_book Jeremiah 31:1-14

Repentance that the Lord Hears

person Rev. Pieter VanderMeyden
calendar_today 08/08/2016
menu_book Jeremiah 31:1-20

We Deserve Punishment

person Rev. Jan Neels
calendar_today 12/14/2015
menu_book Jeremiah

The Slaughter of the Infants

person Pastor Carl A. Schouls
calendar_today 12/30/2013

Blessedness of Trusting in God

person Dr. Ben Short
calendar_today 02/03/2013
menu_book Jeremiah 17:1-14

God’s Justice Satisfied

person Rev. Jan Neels
calendar_today 09/06/2009
menu_book Jeremiah 30

Everlasting Love

person Rev. Jan Neels
calendar_today 05/11/2009
menu_book Jeremiah 31:1-9
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